Reactions to Ke$ha

The QU Chronicle

So Ke$ha is coming to Quinnipiac.  Here’s how the students reacted.

I rather run the NYC marathon than see Kesha…SPB really…

–Jon Leach

yes Ke$ha does want to have a slumber party at Quinnipiac!

–Katie Kirby

Yayy!!’s official.. Ke$ha is coming to QU!!! wooohooo!! 😛

–Julia Nuara

ke$ha? really? glad im not part of the spb responsible for picking that one..

–Jeremy Stull

Quinnipiac is proud to present KE$HA in the spring! With special guest Hepatitis and syphillis opening in the creek!

InAppleWeTrust @keshasuxx is coming to Quinnipiac!! I’m going to brush my teeth with some jack and wash it out with coors light that morning.

amanda_liria Ke$ha coming is to Quinnipiac. I’m stocking up on glitter and alcohol as we speak.