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    “Shore” idea of Italy doesn’t jive with QU’s proud Italians

    The hottest show on MTV these days is “Jersey Shore,” and it’s called that for a reason – it’s supposed to take place in Seaside, N.J.

    It was recently announced that the fourth season of “Jersey Shore” is set to film in Italy. According to a statement released by MTV’s executive vice president of programming and head of production Chris Linn, “The cast is headed to the birthplace of the culture they love and live by.”

    However, according to Italian-Americans who have grown up with true Italian culture, the heritage has nothing to do with going to the gym, tanning or doing laundry.

    Professor Dominic Corraro, teaches Italian 101, 102 and 202 and is involved with the Italian Club here at Quinnipiac.

    “Last year when I was in Italy, a friend of mine asked me about the show,” Corraro said. “It had been shown in Italy, and Italians were furious and insulted about the depictions of Italian-Americans.”

    Can you blame Italians for being angry? Would you want your culture to be represented in the filthy ways that “Jersey Shore” represents Italians? To make it worse, the cast is migrating to the very place that they constantly disrespect.

    It was revealed that Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Ronnie Magro and Jenni “J Woww” Farley are not even Italian. My question is: Why burden real Italians with the people who are misrepresenting their culture?

    “Italians are very refined and proud people,” Corraro said. “They are nothing like the nonsense of this show.”

    Quinnipiac has its share of both Italian-Americans and New Jersey residents. Despite the stereotypes established by “Jersey Shore,” you’ll rarely see someone on campus that has a “pouf” like Snooki or a “blowout” like Pauly D.

    “I have had many [Italian Americans from New Jersey] in class and none are like the characters in this program,” Corraro said. “They are some of the finest students I have met, with great respect and good family values. Many have voiced that they are insulted by the program.”

    You can explore the sidewalks of Quinnipiac and find countless Italian-Americans that are respectable on all levels. It’s a shame when people like the “Jersey Shore” cast overshadow the reputable Italian-Americans who embrace their real culture.

    Furthermore, real Italian culture does not include calling unattractive women “grenades,” or “fist pumping” at a nightclub.

    With the abundance of Italian-Americans who are misrepresented by “Jersey Shore,” it’s a disgrace to further misrepresent the Italian citizens on their own territory. Yes, it’s entertaining to watch a train wreck, but Italian-Americans with true intellect do not deserve to be represented in derogatory ways – especially in the place where our beautiful culture originated.

    It’s highly unlikely that native Italians will welcome the “Jersey Shore” cast to their rich, beautiful country.

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    • R

      Ricky Williams' BongFeb 2, 2011 at 5:05 pm

      yeah, that show blows.
      i support anybody willing to write about how terrible it is

    • N

      Name (required)Feb 2, 2011 at 12:30 pm

      “Lakes Land” – you seem very uneducated. Why don’t you back off and go do your GTL? This is an editorial, meaning it is HER opinion (just because you seem a bit slow).

    • L

      Lakes LandFeb 2, 2011 at 12:09 pm

      the reason u dont see people with blow outs is bc its out of style now, pauly d rocks it bc its the look he is known for, but you know damn well that 2 years ago there was kids in your highschool rocking blowouts, and you know damn well theres kids running around your towns, your school, ect wearing ginny t’s and talking like they were born the bronx….