The Quinnipiac Chronicle

WRECK: News season of ‘Jersey Shore’

Taylor Trahan

October 17, 2012

“Jersey Shore” is back for a sixth season and, thankfully, it’s the last. Snooki is already moving out of the house in the second episode, Vinny is celibate, and Mike is fresh out of rehab and can’t drink. However, the...

Culture Shock: Oct. 8

Rebecca Fano

October 10, 2012

Nicki v. Mariah Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey got into a fight at the judge’s table during the American Idol auditions in Charlotte, N.C. Minaj screamed at Carey, threatening to knock her out. Producers from Idol expected so...

WRECK: Snooki nicknames her baby “Short n Tan”

Lindsey Ingram

April 25, 2012

  Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is sparking up controversy again as she films her new MTV reality show. The still untitled program is dedicated to the knocked-up guidette’s pregnancy, including the moment she breaks the...

“Shore” idea of Italy doesn’t jive with QU’s proud Italians

Gina Faustini

February 2, 2011

The hottest show on MTV these days is “Jersey Shore,” and it’s called that for a reason - it’s supposed to take place in Seaside, N.J. It was recently announced that the fourth season of “Jersey Shore” is set to...

RAVE and WRECK of the week: Feb, 2, 2011

Nicole Fano and Michele Snow

February 2, 2011

RAVE of the week: Makeup artists "Faceoff" on Syfy Syfy is one of those often overlooked channels because of its tendency to show outlandish movies with ridiculous plots, featuring everything from oversized alligators to alien...

Since when can you major in ‘Jersey Shore’?

Christine Burroni

October 4, 2010

As intelligent and ambitious as Quinnipiac students may seem, it’s funny because the majority of students here should be receiving majors in Facebook and a minor in the Jersey Shore, because unfortunately that’s what we...

Jersey Shore’s The Situation expected to earn $5 million this year

Erica Siciliano

September 15, 2010

The United States was founded on the principle that anything is possible.  People from all over the world flocked to America to gain success and the opportunity to be whatever they wanted to be.  Throughout the growth of America,...