Should we play or postpone?

Mike Bailey- Sports Reporter

September 11, 2001, will always remain in our memories. The sights and sounds we heard that morning, on every channel, will haunt us for the rest of our lives.
Would any of us have remembered the score of the Giants-Packers game, had it been played Sunday, nearly as much as the disturbing video of a 767 crashing
into the World Trade Center? I don’t think so.
What we all witnessed that Tuesday morning was something our children will be reading and learning about in school for years to come. All sports being
cancelled is something that should have happened without a thought. Sure, people say it is a good way to move on with our lives and show the world that we are strong-willed people, but think of the families affected by this tragedy. Thousands of people are still waiting at this moment for some form of confirmation of whether their loved ones are dead or alive.
These people have much more important things to worry about, rather than whether the Yankees won or lost last night.
These athletes, whether pro or collegiate, are humans as well. They have families and children with whom they should be spending time with during these
awful events.
Some of these athletes may have friends or even family members that work in New York or Washington D.C. Worrying about another human’s life should come before that of worrying whether they are going to win or lose their next game.
Sports are a vehicle to bring many different people together in the same place. It’s a great way to “pass time.” Sports are our pastimes; the
times enjoyed cheering for our team, hoping they will emerge victorious. In this time of tragedy, however, we can join together and root, root, root for the home-team, that team of America, to emerge victorious, overcoming this adversity.
This past weekend we would have been cheering for our respective teams and athletes, our heroes. The real heroes we should be cheering for and rooting on, are those at ground zero, those helping in the rescue effort such as: police, firemen, and volunteers.
Those people are the true heroes in America today. Sports will always remain a huge part of our society, and will soon enough assume their proper place in our lives. But this past weekend was a time for us to come together with our families and friends, and think about those people
whose lives have been shattered or lost by these terrible events.