WRECK: News season of ‘Jersey Shore’

Taylor Trahan

“Jersey Shore” is back for a sixth season and, thankfully, it’s the last. Snooki is already
moving out of the house in the second episode, Vinny is celibate, and Mike is fresh out of rehab and can’t drink. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is the constant fighting between Ronnie and Sam. By the second episode, they are already belligerently drunk and arguing. In addition, Deena now has a boyfriend whom she can never leave. Apparently, she has separation anxiety because she cries every time he has to leave…and he lives five minutes away.

Though the first few seasons were entertaining, “Jersey Shore” has been on for too many years and it’s getting old now. The cast parties and goes to the same club in every episode, and there is always unnecessary drama. Snooki, the main source of entertainment, is pregnant throughout the season and cannot go out with her roommates. In all of the episodes shown so far, she goes on a date with Jionni and goes to bed afterward. Sounds like a pretty exciting season to me.