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    RAVE and WRECK of the week: Feb, 2, 2011

    RAVE of the week: Makeup artists “Faceoff” on Syfy

    Syfy is one of those often overlooked channels because of its tendency to show outlandish movies with ridiculous plots, featuring everything from oversized alligators to aliens attacking Earth.

    But the Syfy channel earned some credibility with the premiere of “Face Off,” an original reality show showcasing the talents of special effects makeup artists. A competition show similar to “Top Chef” or “Project Runway,” the contestants must tackle challenges that push their artistic limits each week. Challenges range from creating human and animal hybrids to painted villains.

    Although each artist has their strong points, all contestants must master sculpting, prosthetics, and casting and molding if they want to come out on top. The panel of judges consists of professional TV and movie special effects artists including Glenn Hetrick (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Ve Neill (“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”) and Patrick Tatopoulos (“Godzilla”).

    The “Face Off” winner will receive a cash prize to jumpstart their future careers. Unlike other reality shows that feature catty housewives or dramatic bachelors and bachelorettes, “Face Off” is a creative way to build art and film appreciation among viewers. The show is intriguing, imaginative and the transformations are unbelievable. Tune in to watch the people who create movie magic Wednesday nights at 9 on Syfy.

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    WRECK of the week: ‘Jersey Shore’ goes abroad

    Dear Italy, Our sincerest apologies. Love, America.

    MTV has decided to send everyone’s favorite guido family to Italy for their fourth season.

    Currently in the middle of its third season, the show has more entertainment value than you could imagine, but part of what makes “Jersey Shore” so unique and irresistible is the Jersey Shore itself. The clubs they frequent are the date-rapiest clubs in Seaside, and their gloriously tacky house fits their style and personalities well. So far this season, Snooki has gotten drunk and arrested in broad daylight, and JWoww has peed in a bar. To take all this, bundle it up and fly it to one of the most sophisticated and culturally rich places in the world is an abomination. God bless Vinny and his authenticity, but only half of the cast members are actually Italian-American, and they will all be completely lost in this country they all claim to worship. Pauly D admitted to MTV News that he was nervous about the transfer: “I don’t know what the gyms are like over there, I don’t know what tanning’s like…I don’t even speak Italian. Maybe I should get a Rosetta Stone or something.”

    Italy has officially been charged with the nearly impossible task of infusing these guidos with the one thing they lack: culture. When the cast of J-Shore heads across the pond this spring, they’ll be viewed as American ambassadors. Snooki and the gang are bloated caricatures of the ugly American stereotype, and it will be impossible to look away from this Italian train wreck.

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