The Quinnipiac Chronicle

Head to Walt Disney to relax and escape

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

March 28, 2002

Traveling to Walt Disney World for a week of relaxation and escape was highly anticipated, and it turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences. It is difficult to say whether Disney World changes when one ages or whether...

Dance Company prepares for spring semester performances

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

March 7, 2002

Another season for the Dance Company brings new performances, community service projects and two new members. This spring, Dance Company selected two new performers, sophomore Kara Maria DeYoung and freshman Lisa Forte. The additions...

Life in East Haven: an experience for everyone

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

February 21, 2002

This is the true story of six seniors, picked by Quinnipiac University to live in two apartments in East Haven's Stony Brook Village. The following is an account of what happens when you mix rambunctious college students with...

Honesty: is it too much to ask for?

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

January 30, 2002

The term honesty is a quality that we all supposedly claim to have in our intimate relationships. But, how many people are truly as honest with their significant other as they claim? Honestly, not as many as you may think. No...

Suggestion to the administration

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

November 8, 2001

A memo should be drafted to the Administration of the school letting them know of a newly proposed program run by Quinnipiac. This class is called afternoon naptime. This proposed naptime would be a campus-wide 50-minute daily...

Things that make you go hmmm….

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

November 1, 2001

Did anyone ever notice that your mind wanders the most when you are trying to learn information for an exam? I experienced this mind wandering this past weekend when I was trying to learn information for a really huge law exam...

Divided we fall, united we conquer

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

October 11, 2001

A democracy means that we are allowed to criticize our government and the actions that it takes. We are allowed to share our opinions about what we think should happen to those who try and destroy our way of life. The idea of...

One carload to donate blood turns into dozens

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

September 20, 2001

The tragic events that unfolded on Sept. 11 brought the need for blood donations. Countless citizens formed what seemed to be endless lines at the American Red Cross and hospitals around the nation in order to donate blood. ...

Shuttle Bus available for weekend outings

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

September 7, 2001

Don't have a car and looking to get off campus on the weekends? Try the new Town and Train shuttle. The shuttle is offered by Quinnipiac as a way for students to get off campus. Trips start on Thursdays and continue through...

Pefecting the art of responsibility

Rebecca Tokarz- Managing Edito

September 7, 2001

Welcome back seniors! I hope by now you are all settled in and getting used to your new living arrangements. We've all been griping about how the school turned its back on us the day it announced we are no longer allowed to live...