[UPDATED] Punched in the face for being gay… at QU?

Catherine Boudreau

(It has come to the attention of the Chronicle that facts previously unknown affect the integrity of this opinion piece. According to several sources, there was a series of events that turn the incident wholly away from a hate crime. The Chronicle apologizes for any inconvenience, and is currently investigating the incident)

Here is the piece as it ran in the print edition on Nov. 3:


Last Thursday night, my friend was punched in the face after kissing his boyfriend on the shuttle.He was escorted to Health Services by Security, and then to the security office for questioning. After coming out of the security office, a group of the assailant’s friends were waiting outside. They called my friend a “faggot,” among other offensive things.

The next day, my friend was harassed and threatened again on his way to Residential Life by one of the students from the night before.

Hate crimes are a serious issue, and this is no exception. I am outraged that something like this has happened at Quinnipiac University. The fact that these people felt so inclined to be violent and malicious toward someone because of their sexual orientation baffles me. I understand that people are entitled to their own opinions and beliefs, but acting upon it in this way is completely unacceptable.

The United States is slowly making progress when it comes to gay rights. Prior to hearing about Thursday night’s events, I thought that Quinnipiac was ahead of the game, for I have rarely heard of students degrading other students based on insignificant things such as sexual orientation. Unfortunately, I was proven wrong.

The Student Handbook states, “Quinnipiac prohibits and does not tolerate: personal harassment, verbal abuse or the threat of action in a manner that inflicts physical harm, physical abuse, mental distress or injury to any person.”

This principle was clearly violated last Thursday, and I hope the university takes appropriate action.

Quinnipiac has told us all over and over again that diversity and acceptance are important values of this university. Maybe it hasn’t been made clear enough to students just how serious the consequences are.