This Week in TKE

This week was very exciting for the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon. The week was the final week of the new members’ education period, which culminated on Friday, March 30, with initiation.
During the ceremony, the new brothers learned the secrets that make up the fraternity. They learned the symbolic meanings of all elements of the bond. These are the secrets that only the brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon know. They stretch far and wide and the 12 new brothers have assumed the bond with almost 300,000 men before them.
Those initiated were Rob Brueggemann, Rob Dooley, Nick Genchi, Pete Gimenez, Jason Hillman, Kyle Kromidas, Joe Lamacchia, Konrad Lapczyinske, Brandon Lee, Andrew Malardi, Steve Mills, and Brian Rokicki. The new brothers of the fraternity have brought new, excited life to the Kappa Psi chapter.
They will all be joining committees in the next coming weeks and will be scheduling more brotherhood events and socials with other groups around campus and in the community.
Community service is still a major cornerstone for TKE and with the increased growth of brothers, there have been more events than ever.
Every Saturday during the second semester, brothers have gone to Brook Hollow in Wallingford to spend time and play games with elderly gentlemen who are very sick and in need of constant care. The last couple weeks, brothers have played gmaes such as memory, bowling and checkers with the gentlemen and have helped them build models for their grandsons.
As the semester is rapidly approaching its end, TKE will be joining up with others members of Greek life of campus to put together Greek Weekend. This is an annual event that involves both fraternities and sororities in a series of games against each other.
Greek Weekend is scheduled for April 21st and 22nd. The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon, now 40 strong, are looking to contend and win the title again. Not only is service and brotherhood important to the chapter, but scholarship as well.
The brothers of Tau Kappa Epsilon strive to achieve the best results possible from their time here at Quinnipiac. Every Wednesday night brothers meet for an hour-long study session. During this time, brothers help each other with homework and projects in hopes of sharing new insights.
The Service, Brotherhood and Scholarship is unrivaled by any other organization. On paper TKE is a group of 40 outstanding men, but in reality, TKE is one.