Letter to the Editor: Curriculum should support theater on campus

The QU Chronicle

(A response to “Get theater fill with EN102 alternative”)

I was very pleased to learn about this class because I love theater. However, I was offended by their choice to “look first at what plays will be shown at the Yale Repertory Theatre.” For a school that puts such a large emphasis on community, I was shocked that this class would not think to attend the productions of their peers. While I understand the benefit of seeing professional productions, the QU Theatre for Community is still high quality theater. We just finished a run of the Greek tragedy “The Trojan Women”–a play which would be valuable for students to read. I studied it my AP Literature class senior year of high school. While I agree that the class should look at professional productions, the work done on this campus should not be ignored. We are supposed to be building our own community–let’s stay true to this by supporting the artists right under our noses.

–Jessica Lehman, Class of 2014