Drunken escapades not worth it

Christine Little

College is a place to learn, first and foremost. College is where you prepare for your career. I choose not to partake in drinking on campus at this time. I have decided that I would like to get settled into school and focus on my education before I start considering any actions I may regret.

I admit that I have had alcohol in the past, and noticed its effect on me after only a drink or two. If I were to go to a party and was pressured into drinking, I could become the girl who makes poor decisions, the girl who gets taken advantage of because of her sloppiness, carelessness and vulnerability.

Students who attend Quinnipiac are required to complete the first part of the AlcoholEdu online course before coming to campus in the fall, as well as completing a follow up within the first month of residing on campus. Many high schools also require health courses to be taken in order to graduate, allowing ample opportunities, even before being immersed in college life, for students to learn about the dangers of drinking, and the effects it can, and does have on our bodies and mental state. Not to say that drinking is an immoral act, but why is there a need to be constantly drunk at college?

There is a fine line between ‘loose’ and ‘drunk.’ After a drink or two, most girls start to feel “loose,” and generally males can achieve the same feeling after a drink or two. Having your inhibitions relieved is a good feeling. You no longer have to worry about the stress from the classes you faced just hours earlier, the 20 calculus problems you have, or the English paper due on Monday. But after a few more drinks, one starts to feel the effects heavily, and with these new effects, the possibility of blackouts and alcohol poisoning occur. While you may think you are able to have more fun this way, one has to consider: what are the chances you’ll remember the “fun” in the morning?

One incident concerning an intoxicated person on campus really stood out to me. I left Commons residence hall with two of my friends, discussing the Lonely Island song “I’m on a Boat” with them, as neither had ever heard of it. One inebriated male overheard me talking, and began to sing one of the verses to the song. While my friends and I found the occurrence humorous, I now wonder if he even remembers the incident happening.

Alcohol consumption may be considered an epidemic among college campuses. The students involved are the only ones who can make a change. Students need to begin taking responsibility for their actions and make better judgements based on the information we are consistently given. It is possible to have fun on campus without being drunk. Whether you only have a drink or two, or choose to remain sober, it is possible to have a good time with the added benefit of remembering your night the next morning.