Hillary not to blame for latest scandal

Joe Reynolds

In the two months since her election to the Senate, Hillary Clinton has been transformed from a political savior and rising star, to the outcast of the Democratic Party. Her nightmare began with the controversial “gifts” that were taken from the White House, and has come to a head with the revelation that her brother, attorney Hugh Rodham, was involved in securing a pardon for notorious drug smuggler, Carlos Vignali.
Rodham received a whopping $400,000 for his work as Vignali’s pardon attorney, a sum he has since returned. Mrs. Clinton has faced much public scrutiny for her supposed role in the entire ordeal.
While the situation looks awful and essentially corrupt, Hillary Clinton is probably truthful in her contention that she knew nothing. This is not a defense of her character, it is an acknowledgement of her cunning, legal mind. During the last two weeks of the Clinton administration, Rodham lived at the White House. With the obvious possibility of wrongdoing in the Vignali case, Hillary practiced “intentional ignorance.”
While neither the Clintons nor Rodham can be characterized as bastions of legal morality, it is plausible to conclude that the attorney-client privilege prevented Rodham from making mention of the considerable funds he received. That being said, Rodham, who serves as part-time public defender and part-time ambulance chaser in Florida’s Dade County, was obviously hired because of his familiar connections.
So once again, a Clinton keeps his/her head above water by using and abusing the letter of the law and celebrating every nuance and technicality the most don’t even bother reading. The Clintons are brilliant strategists and possess undeniable resiliency, so one can ask, `’Why don’t the use their powers for good?”
I have always admired Bill Clinton, even if that seems incredibly passE and sappy. I liked what he stood for. I liked how he actually wanted to change our nation. I liked the fact that he rose to great power without a rich, famous daddy or powerful connections.
I don’t like his consistent moral bankruptcy, his willingness, almost eagerness, to let people down. Take away his world-class education, his natural genius, and charm; he would essentially be a clone of his brother, a drunken hick, constantly embarrassing himself. Ironically, Hilary’s sibling has now come out of the woodwork to bring her shame. She will ultimately survive, however, at any cost.