24KT KidLivin’ provides ‘tunage’

Bridgette Fossel

Twenty-four karat gold is the highest quality of gold there is. The guys of the up-and-coming Facebook page “24KT KidLivin” believe that sharing the highest quality of new music with their fans is essential to their page’s success.

Seniors, music enthusiasts and roommates since their freshman year at Quinnipiac, Jason Siegel, a Colorado native and Tim McMinn of New Jersey want to guide the ears of QU students away from the mainstream songs on the radio and expose them to what else is out there.

“Our friends are always asking us for music,” McMinn said. “Whenever we put on our songs at parties people really like it, and they know we are always pretty up on our game with new music.”

Exchanging e-mails all summer across the country, McMinn and Siegel decided to make this page to get the word out about the music and artists they know and love. The Facebook page has accumulated more than 500 fans within the past few months and the boys have high hopes for this number to increase.

With musical influences like “Flux Pavillion,” “Sleigh Bells” and “LightsoverLA,” McMinn and Siegel post two new songs on the page daily for their fans to check out. Also on the page, fans can post their latest favorites to share with others in the discussion section, and can download homemade “must-have playlists” in the notes section.

“We mainly like to post songs that are electronic with hip-hop influences, some indie rock and dubstep,” Siegel said.

Dubstep is a UK-based electronic type of dance music that is becoming more popular amongst the college crowd. It consists of heavy baselines and several beats per minute.

Siegel and McMinn plan to enter the blogosphere by Thanksgiving. But, in the mean time, quench your musical thirst by becoming a fan of “24KT KidLivin” if you are seeking a new music scene. Look out for its power hour playlist that will have a minute of 60 of their favorite songs mixed by their friend Ryan Dzierzek aka ChefboyRD.