Beatle ‘1’ album reaches top in 34 countries

John Lennon never got to see the effects his music still has over the world population today. The Beatles “#1” release in 2000 has stormed over charts worldwide, and, taken from the title from the highly respected U2, the “#1” compilation. It has become the only album in recording history to become #1 top selling album in 34 different countries.
Joined tightly in their efforts, Yoko Ono Lennon and former Beatles Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr bring together every chart topping single The Beatles ever released. The 27 song single disc spans The Beatles’ entire recording career.
In January of 1960, the uprising of The Beatles began. The band was in need of a bassist and chose Stuart Sutcliffe to fill the role. At the time the band called themselves “The Silver Beatles”.
After filtering through two drummers, they were joined by Pete Best, and changed their name to “The Beatles” shortly before their first trip to Hamburg in August, 1960. After a musical struggle, and difficult climb to the top, The Beatles were noted as the best band in Liverpool by ’62.
Shortly after their arrival into fame, Sutcliffe left the band. McCartney took over bass, and in August 1962, Ringo Starr replaced Pete Best. The Beatles, as we know them today, were born.
Their first single “Love Me Do” came about in October 1962. 1963 rewarded the band with their chart-buster “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. It was recorded in October 1963, marking the best-selling single in Beatles history. It was also the first Beatles’ song to hit #1 on US charts, and stayed there for seven weeks as Billboard’s #1.
While touring in the US during 1966, Lennon made a stirring comment to the press saying, “The Beatles were more popular than Jesus.” This comment caused a great disruption, and he soon apologized.
The Beatles then recorded “Yellow Submarine” and “Eleanor Rigby”. Both were released in the UK as A-side singles, and were also released simultaneously with the album “Revolver” in August 1966.
Perhaps one of The Beatles most celebrated and remembered songs was “All You Need Is Love,” hitting charts once again as #1 in the UK, US and 11 other countries. Though The Beatles performed the song live on television, it was never played live in concert.
In fact, several of the songs on the last half of “#1” were never played in concert. “Hey Jude”, “Come Together” and “Let It Be” never hit the stage, but still topped the charts and live on today.
The last concert performed by The Beatles was January 30, 1969 atop the roof of the Apple Building in central London. “Get Back” was preformed three times during the forty minute set, and reached number one for several weeks in the UK, US, and Billboard.
“Let It Be”, recorded January 1970, was the last recording session The Beatles would have before the death of Lennon on December of 1980.
The Beatles affected much of the 60’s movement. They helped change the music industry, touring industry as well as the fashion industry. They became revolutionaries in the music movement, and placed their roots in the coming about of pop promo videos, which are what we now know today as music videos.
“#1” is just an overview of the accomplishment had by The Beatles. Becoming the best-selling album of 2000 in only three weeks of its release should say something if nothing else does.
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