Parent condemns ‘Ultimate prey’ mentality

The QU Chronicle

It was shocking to read “Don’t become the ultimate prey” by Katie Krivitzky in the Chronicle on Thursday, September, 16.

On Sunday, September 12 at 1:30 a.m. I received a call from the Hospital of Saint Raphael that my daughter, a freshman at Quinnipiac, was in the ER for a sexual assault that occurred at Quinnipiac University. While reading Katie’s article I was about to throw up. This may have been my daughter!!! Written in such a cavalier fashion that she witnessed a freshman being taken advantage of by her PREDATOR friend, was beyond anything I could imagine. Did she know if the PREDATOR friend had heard the word “NO” and decided to “close the deal” anyway? How could you know that the girl that she saw being pursued by her friend did not want to “close the deal.” I have shared this article with other people since reading it and we all have come to the same conclusion. This is a travesty that being “that girl” in her sophomore year and seeing another freshman girl being taken advantage she wouldn’t not have somehow tried to take that girl under her wing–taken her back to her dorm and tried to help her. NO ONE wanted to help my daughter. NO ONE wants to believe my daughter, either. The emergency room doctor and the three other doctors that examined her after are all convinced 99% that she was a victim of sexual assault. Maybe Katie can relate to her PREDATOR friend that my daughter’s clothes are now in state evidence and the person that was responsible for this assault, whether her PREDATOR friend or not, will be found. If this wasn’t my daughter, the same assault occured on the same evening on the Quinnipiac campus to someone else. What a shame and a disgrace!!! I hope that if that wasn’t my daughter, that the girl felt comfortable enough with her parents to let them know that this happened to her and that her family will try to help her deal with this. To be violated by an upperclassman that thinks it is his right to take advantage of these freshman girls is disgusting. I had two sons that graduated from QU and I know that they did not take advantage of anyone and if anyone was in need of help from a PREDATOR that they would have stepped up to the plate and helped them–not gloat about it in an article in the Chronicle.

I was further appalled when my son, a graduate of Quinnipiac in 2008, told me that rape on campus happens all the time and that in his freshman year he had to pull a student off of a friend of his because she was being sexaully assaulted. Since reading this article I have heard of other girls at QU being sexually assaulted–amazing.

I am also amazed that having read this article the personnel, staff, as well as the editors of this newspaper have not looked into this further.

I wonder if this “PREDATOR” friend is still a friend of Katie’s?