Bob Saget is dirty and doesn’t need to clean up his act

Matt Busekroos

Anyone expecting Danny Tanner at SPB’s Fall Mainstage Event on Oct. 2 should stay home and watch an episode of “Full House” instead.

Certainly part of Bob Saget’s allure and appeal in his upcoming performance at Quinnipiac is due to his years spent as the loving father of three young girls on one of the cheesiest shows of all time. And that’s a natural reaction. It’s expected that many of us have watched at least an episode or two, if not the entire series, as ‘80s or ‘90s babies.

There is a sense of attachment to the Bob Saget that many of us grew up with over the years. However, the Saget that will perform for college-aged students will just do that: perform for a crowd who should be old enough to appreciate a more risqué sense of humor.

There will be no filter and Saget shouldn’t limit his material, because his job is meant to make people laugh. Saget is an actor and a comedian, which are two entirely separate professions. It’s a testament to Saget as an actor that people feel attached to his performance as Danny Tanner and expect him to essentially be that character in real life.

Saget is a notoriously dirty comedian, who spouts filthy language and should probably have his mouth washed out with a bar of soap. But, wait a second. There is an actual comedian who swears and makes inappropriate jokes?! Oh, no. We must alert the church elders at once. Sure, there are plenty of comedians who don’t need to tell a dirty joke to get a laugh, but it’s even better that the guy who used to play one of the safest, most wholesome television characters ever is cracking dirty jokes about Kimmy Gibbler.

As a comedian, Saget doesn’t need to apologize for anything he says or does. It’s his freedom of expression to use his status as one of the greatest television fathers to his advantage and monetary gain. Saget exploits that stigma to shock audiences when he comes out swearing constantly throughout his set.

Don’t appreciate Saget’s tongue-in-cheek humor and self-deprecating jokes? How rude.