Madonna’s ‘Music’ takes on a new sound

Hillary McDonald

The ever popular Madonna is back once again with a new album and a new sound. This time on her latest album Music, the flavor is more techno than usual, and the beats are loud and hopping.
Music, released on Sept. 19., goes a totally different way than Madonna’s last album, Ray of Light, did in 1998. That album, like most of Madonna’s music, was more on the pop side with a mix of romantic ballads and upbeat songs.
This new album is more edgy, with a lot of dance tracks. She has come a long way from her classic hits, like “Like A Virgin” and “Cherish”.
There are ten songs on this album, all written by Madonna herself. The first single to hit the radio airwaves was “Music”. This song has a very catchy tune and a bouncy beat.
The single currently on the radio is “Don’t Tell Me.” This song sounds more like the old Madonna than the new one. It also is a catchy song that stays in your head for a while after you hear it.
The more techno sounding tracks on the album are “Impressive Instant,” “Runaway Lover” and “What It Feels Like For A Girl.” “Runaway Lover” has a very strong beat and could easily be used as a song for a dance mix. The other two are songs that would likely be played at a rave.
“I Deserve It” is the closest to a ballad that this album has. It is a very calm song, and Madonna’s voice sounds beautiful singing it.
“Amazing” is close to this also. It is a more `regular’ sounding song.
Grade: A-