SGA President Sets Record Straight

Aaron Blank

I am asking for a retraction to the February 1 Chronicle “Quinnipiac problems persist in 2001.”
It states that SGA president Aaron Blank was asked recently what his role was in dealing with issues. He explained that his office only takes students’ concerns into consideration and voices those opinions to school administration and others; they do not make the rules!
“It is not our decision,” says Blank, who added that he too is angry at the disruptions students are experiencing this year.
Aaron Blank retraction statement:
The student government’s role in dealing with issues is this:
We are dedicated to enhancing the campus community through its attempt to meet students’ needs and provide student services. The Student Awareness Committee, a subdivision of SGA, looks into any issue and deals with it in a matter the Student Government determines necessary.
The Student Government makes recommendations wherever needed to the appropriate departments. This recommendation DOES have an impact on an the overall departmental decision. The SGA is comprised of 41 elected students who serve as a link between the students and the administration. We voice and attend to all student concerns.
We have made recommendations across the board dealing with new parking lots, call boxes, the release of the public disclosure newsletter, May Weekend issues and a whole lot more. If you have any concerns or comments, call the SGA office at x8475, or e-mail us at [email protected]
Aaron Blank
SGA President