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    Valentines Day: A worthless holiday or not?

    Getting back into the swing of things at school after a five week break is never easy. Only days after returning to school, I found myself looking ahead on my calendar to see just how much time we had left at school this semester.

    As I flipped forward, I stumbled upon the most pointless, worthless day of all- no, not Flag Day… Valentine’s Day.

    Ah, Valentine’s Day; a day that envokes feelings of love and happiness. Of course, that’s what we’re told by the good people at Hallmark and other companies looking to make a few bucks off the few people who are in love and the many who THINK they’re in love.

    Many times, I have advised my friends not to spend ridiculous amounts of money on Valentine’s Day gifts for their boyfriends or girlfriends. Of course, they spent the money anyway, and I was the one laughing months later when I saw them begging for the gifts back. Suckers.

    Not only can Valentine’s Day wreak havoc with your budget, but it can also mess with your mind. You always hear about how sweet it is for guys to get mushy cards for girls, and how much girls like that. What happens if the girl doesn’t WANT the Valentine?

    A few years back, I got a card for a girl I liked a lot, and I found out that she didn’t even bother to open it. Not only did she demonstrate horrible taste, because anyone who knows me knows what a fantastic guy I am, but she forced me to be very mean towards her in the following weeks. If she ONLY would have opened that stupid card…

    Granted, it wasn’t very nice not to open the card, but at least I know she made a point not to open it. Once, I got a card for a girl I was friends with, and not only did she ignore it completely, but she still carries on with me as if nothing happened! She must REALLY think I’m dumber than I look, and lets face it folks- I look pretty darn smart.

    You’re all probably thinking that the only reason I’m so bitter about Valentine’s Day is just because a few girls didn’t bother to recognize my attempts to be sweet and nice to them. Not at all! Valentine’s Day is all about guys being softer and more cuddly-wuddly than they really are.

    I’m not big on the squooshy-wooshy thing. Guys talk like babies, girls act extra nice, and everyone expects everyone else to be happy just because it is Valentine’s Day. Is that how things REALLY are?!? I don’t think so.

    Remember this: for every girl or guy that goes dancing around the halls because the object of their affection read their dinky little card, there are hundreds of guys and girls sinking their faces into pizza pies, gallons of ice cream and bottles of vodka because they don’t think that anybody likes them.

    Forget Cupid’s arrow.

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