7 ways to make ‘May Weekend’ memorable again

Mary-Catherine Dolan

Every underclassman at Quinnipiac University hears it: what May Weekend was, what it used to be like, and what they’re missing out on now. Stories of the Quad filled with kegs and dorms filled with raging wall-to-wall parties, May Weekend continues to live in infamy at this school.

With wild, obscene partying also comes poor decision making and bad consequences. May Weekend has been the root of both of these. Despite the administration’s efforts to erase May Weekend from Quinnipiac’s vocabulary in recent years, students still manage to mildly celebrate the weekend that used to put stories in the books.

While making sure safety is a top priority, there are some areas where administration can cut some slack and give college students a chance to have a fun weekend with their friends the week before finals. Here are some suggestions for May Weekend that will provide the fun without providing the danger.

1. Make Relay for Life on a different weekend. Relay for Life is a wonderful fundraising event that many QU students participate in. Why make them have to decide between a great cause and having a fun college experience? Put Relay for Life the weekend before.

2. Bring back the games the school supports. It’s that time of the year when we all have been cooped up for a long, cold semester in our dorms and the library. Let us have organized sports games out on the Quad and volleyball fields like the previous years.

3. Don’t kick us off the fields at 6 p.m. We’re college students. Six p.m. for most of us is too early for dinnertime. If we’re not acting out of control- what is the harm in letting students interact and socialize into the evening on the fields? Security can continue or start monitoring at 6 p.m., but why not let us stay?

4. Bring back the food stands. There was a time when Quinnipiac set up food stands around the fields on May Weekend for students to utilize when they were spending the day with their friends. Food doesn’t promote alcohol, intoxication or poor decision making.

5. Make it fun for the entire campus. Quinnipiac students are sometimes unfortunately known for their apathy. Giving them a chance to partake in a campus-wide college weekend would eliminate some of that. It would get scorned juniors and seniors who heard about the greatness of past May Weekends but never got to experience it a chance to come back on campus and feel like a part of their university.

6. Provide friendly competition: One of QU’s most popular activities is the freshmen Hall Wars held in September. May Weekend should provide the opportunity for more than just the freshmen dorms to be competitive with one another. One entire class should compete against another. It will provide fun, entertainment and classman cooperation.

7. Have SPB’s Spring Concert the same weekend as May Weekend. A popular music group is the perfect backdrop for a great springtime outdoor weekend with friends. It sets the mood, and if students are already out on the fields that weekend- the attendance of the concert would surely increase.