Letter to the editor: SPB disappointed with coverage

The QU Chronicle

The Student Programming Board (SPB) is a group of dedicated members who share the common goal of having diverse and engaging programming on campus for the student body. The events we program occur every weekend and occasionally during the week. The priority of SPB is not to be recognized or credited for every program we bring to campus, but when a program that we do bring is featured in The Chronicle, it would be appreciated if our name was associated with it. I am the current multicultural chair for the organization, and my committee and I brought Marc Elliot for an ability awareness event. The event was additionally supported by Student Affairs and the Occupational Therapy Department. We worked very hard to make this event a success, and it upset me to see that SPB did not receive any recognition for the effort we put into this program. I was also quite disappointed in the fact that The Chronicle emphasized that Marc Elliot was a former brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon when that had nothing to do with the reasons for bringing him to our campus. The lack of acknowledgment for SPB in regards to events featured in The Chronicle has become an ongoing issue. I request that this no longer becomes a problem. Thank you.
Victoria Adler
SPB Multicultural Chair