Never say never to The Fray

Matt Busekroos

Colorado pop-rock band The Fray performed for Quinnipiac students at the TD Bank Sports Center on Sunday night with San Diego-based We Shot the Moon as the opener.

The Fray performed all of their most famous singles, including “Over My Head (Cable Car),” “How to Save a Life” and “You Found Me,” among several other tunes.

Freshman Emily Riddlesworth attended the show as a fan of both The Fray and We Shot the Moon.

“I heard The Fray were really good when they performed at Sacred Heart,” she said.

Media Credit: Amanda Shulman

The Fray’s lead singer Isaac Slade provided relief between songs as he spoke about his experience on campus. He mentioned that one female student passed him unknowingly earlier in the day. The student was sharing a story with another student about “Amanda” stealing her fake I.D. Slade reassured the audience that he changed the name for all intensive purposes.

“If you are here, this is for you,” Slade said, dedicating one song to the female student whose fake I.D. was stolen.

Slade worked the audience, asking the crowd if they wanted a song featuring the guitar or piano during the encore. Students overwhelmingly preferred another piano song.

We Shot the Moon performed an hour-long set, featuring songs “Miracle” and “The Bright Side” off their latest album, “A Silver Living.” While not as well-known as The Fray, We Shot the Moon expanded their fan base with Sunday’s performance.

“I never heard of them before,” freshman Leigha Kalman said. “I would buy their CDs–they were really good.”

Frontman Jonathan Jones added humor to the set between songs and interacted several times with the audience. Jones performed double duty as the lead vocalist and pianist. He acknowledged his too-short socks for those with an up-close view of the stage.

Media Credit: Amanda Shulman

“I apologize for the hairy leg,” Jones joked, eliciting laughter from the crowd.

Following We Shot the Moon’s opener, The Fray appeared shortly after 8 p.m. While attendance did not match the scale of Third Eye Blind or Ludacris, Student Programming Board (SPB) Mainstage Chair Megan Doyle was satisfied with the evening’s proceedings.

“I’m just happy that everybody had a good time because that’s my goal, to please the students,” Doyle said. “And I think every student who walked out of here was pleased.”