Don’t miss out on sunny days

Julia Bucchianeri

Quinnipiac, like many other northern universities, turns into a completely different school as soon as the temperature starts to climb. It seems like all of a sudden we have double the amount of students and people who start to come out of the woodwork. The Quad is taken over by people sunbathing and relaxing with friends or even trying to study out there. But I know personally, there are too many distractions for me to get anything done. Frisbees and footballs are constantly zooming past your head, and on the weekends, there is endless wiffleball, or dizzy bat (whichever you prefer) that all students seem to enjoy playing.

But then comes the hard part: remembering to actually go to class. That’s what we’re here for, right? Of course it is, and if our parents had any idea of how we plan out what classes to skip, I think they would be a little shocked, or pissed because of how expensive this school is. I would like to know just how expensive each actual class is. If each three-credit class costs about $1,200, how much is it costing you when you oversleep your 8 a.m. on Monday? The warm weather also seems to bring people’s syllabi out while students check  how many absences they’re allowed before it directly lowers their grade. I think that it would be optimal for students to save those absences for the Thursday and Friday before “May Weekend;” that way it could almost become more of a “May Week.”

Some people, possibly professors and administration, may be reading this and wondering why students would be so careless to blow off their work just because of the warm weather. For that matter, who knows how kids in Florida get anything done. But  I’ve come to realize, especially as my junior year comes to a close, these four years go by way too fast and you really don’t want to miss out on those fun days out on the Quad with your friends. Sure, there are times you will need to buckle down and go to the library to get some work done, but let’s be real here: The work always gets done because it has to, so just figure out a good way to manage your time. As cheesy as it may seem, Tom Petty’s quote about college is spot on. “You’ll never remember class time but you’ll remember time you wasted hanging out with friends.” I couldn’t agree more. Do you really remember what that lecture in your elective class was about two weeks ago? Probably not. Do you remember the funny inside jokes you and your friends made two months ago? Definitely.

Continue to get your work done. But keep in mind what Mr. Petty said: “The work never ends, but college does….”