This cake joint is boss

Nicole Fano

While many spring breakers traveled to Aruba, Florida and Mexico, I spent my week in New Jersey. To make my Spring Break more bearable, I decided to visit Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken, N.J., made famous from TLC’s “Cake Boss.”

“Cake Boss” stars talented cake designer Buddy Valastro, who inherited the bakery in 1965 after the death of his father, Bartolo Valastro. Buddy owns the bakery and runs it with help from his mother Mary, and sisters Grace, Magdalena, Mary, and Lisa.

It’s apparent that TLC has brought national recognition to Carlo’s Bake Shop, because the line was out the door on a Thursday morning. Camera crews were in and out of the bakery filming Season 3 of “Cake Boss,” which is scheduled to air later this year. People in line, clad with cameras, traveled from Pennsylvania and even New Hampshire just to visit the noteworthy bakery. A woman from New Hampshire ordered 16 boxes of cookies, claiming she had a lot of family to feed.

Unfortunately, I did not see Valastro because he was upstairs filming, but his mother and sisters were working the counter. Carlo’s Bake Shop sells every dessert from Italian pastries to cakes and cookies.

In Season 1 of “Cake Boss,” Buddy entertained viewers by making cakes resembling the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a roulette table, a fire engine and a Chinese dragon. In Season 2, Valastro’s creations became more popular as he designed cakes for Dylan’s Candy Bar, NFL player Justin Tuck, “Sesame Street,” and the U.S. Air Force.

On the official Carlo’s Bake Shop Web site, the testimonial reads, “Every customer is treated like part of the family. For a special treat or a cake for any occasion, pay us a visit, stay a while, and allow us to share with you the time honored tradition that has made us what we are today.  We are worth the trip!”

Carlo’s Bake Shop and the Valastro family truly treat every customer like a member of the family. Buddy’s mother, Mary Valastro, took pictures with customers and thanked them for coming with a big hug. It was refreshing to see a famous family exude humility and kindness. The homemade pastries and cookies were absolutely delicious; the trip to Carlo’s Bake Shop was both entertaining and tasty.