Seven things to do over Spring Break

Allison Feeney

Spring Break: a week of no classes, no tests, and a break from the dorm life. Whether you’re jetting off to an exotic island or heading home for some rest and relaxation, Spring Break is welcomed by all. Here are seven ways to make the most of your week off.

1. If you’re notorious for last-minute planning, there are still options left to plan for a trip. It’s not too late to plan a trip to Florida with friends or even to an island, but you need to start acting now. Cancun and Acapulco in Mexico are among the top 2010 Spring Break trips, according to Look for places that have all-inclusive student packages. Some even include your air travel.

2. Alternative breaks are also a possibility for students who feel like doing a good deed. Habitat for Humanity always accepts college groups in the Collegiate Challenge program. This provides students an opportunity to travel to a part of the country they have never been, be with their friends and do something good for a family in need.

3. Day trips to the city provide a cheaper outing for students. Meeting up in Boston or New York City can be a fun day at low cost. Window shopping costs nothing and you get to spend an entire day with your friends away from school.

4. Take a road trip to visit your friends at home. Living close to each other provides an opportunity to see your friends in their home life and meet their family and friends. It can make your friendships stronger and you can get the chance to show your friends your favorite spot at home and things that are important to you.

5. Ski trip. A trip to the mountains allows you to bundle up and be comfortable while of enjoying the remaining winter weeks. Skiing is a great way to get some exercise while hanging out with your friends. Escaping to the mountains can be a mental break and the relaxation you need after weeks of classes and tests.

6. Cook a big dinner. If you’re lounging around the house, surprise your family and cook a dinner they’ll never forget. Nothing says “thank you” and “I appreciate you” like food and relieving your parents from one night of dinner duties.

7. Indoor water park. Located throughout the country in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Minnesota, these resorts provide a unique alternative for trips. If you’re going on vacation with your family, these places would be an excellent location. They provide a great vacation for the college student and plenty of entertainment for younger siblings. Even if you go with a group of friends, fun is still in store.