Hamden Public Schools employee resigns following racist rant at ShopRite

Jeremy Troetti

[media-credit id=2139 align=”alignright” width=”276″][/media-credit]A Hamden Public School system Central Office clerk has resigned from her job following the viral video in which she is seen shouting racial slurs and spitting on a man in the East Haven ShopRite, according to the New Haven Register.

Corinne Terrone is seen in the video yelling the n-word three times and spitting on two other shoppers – a man and woman, both of whom are black.

The video has been viewed and reposted by thousands of users on both Facebook and Instagram, according to a March 18 New York Times article.

Hamden mayor Curt Leng strongly denounced Terrone’s actions in a statement.

“What I saw was vile and shocking,” Leng stated. “While I am disgusted and disheartened seeing such hateful behavior, wildly unacceptable anywhere, I am thankful for the swift and effective actions taken by our school system to address this head on and make clear that hate and violence will not be tolerated.”

Freshman psychology major Gabrielle Woodward found Terrone’s actions to be disturbing.

“Honestly, I think the whole thing was really disgusting,” Woodward said. “Especially if she can use words like that so freely in public, it makes you think what [she is] saying at home and in private.”

Sophomore game design and computer science major Daniel Greenberg felt that there was not necessarily a connection between the video going viral on social media and Terrone stepping down from her position.

“I personally don’t really feel that [the viral spread of the video and Terrone stepping down] correlate,” Greenberg said. “Certainly what she did was incorrigible and wrong, but stepping down doesn’t really change anything except make her job-less.”

The Hamden School District condemned Terrone’s actions in a statement posted on its website.

“The language the employee used in the video is in conflict with the values of the Hamden Public School System. Someone who will use that sort of language in any setting, whether public or private, is not someone we want anywhere near our children,” the statement read.

The statement also said that school administrators have filed a Department of Children and Families (DCF) report, due to Terrone’s children being present at the time of the incident.

Woodward felt that the quick action by the district to file a DCF report was a positive thing.

“I think it was a fair play because if you listen to the 9-1-1 calls beforehand, she didn’t sound entirely mentally stable,” Woodward said.

Similarly, Greenberg felt that the district filing a DCF report was a step in the right direction.

“I think it was definitely a good measure in regard to making sure that the children aren’t picking up on the bad habits of their mother and are not being influenced in aggressive or racially bigoted ways,” Greenberg said.

The East Haven Police Department has urged anyone who was present at the time the incident took place to contact the department with further information to aid an investigation, per the Register.