The Senior Divide

Jennie Torres

This years graduating class was able to choose what type of experience it hopes to have for Senior Week, but the class is split on what they would prefer to have.

The Senior Week team sent a survey through email on Wednesday, July 18, encouraging seniors to choose their most preferred experience out of several options listed. Two months later, another email was sent on Tuesday, Sept. 18 due to complications.

[media-credit name=”Photo Contributed by Hannah Pancak” align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]About 40 percent of students wanted to have a destination trip for their senior week, but given the fact that many of them did not want to pay a certain amount for it, the trip wouldn’t have been able to come to fruition, according to Hannah Pancak, assistant director of campus life for student centers & student involvement.

“(The seniors) wanted a destination for under $1000, and unfortunately we are not funded any financial means to put on senior week,” Pancak said. “We run off of deposits, so for us to kind of get a destination trip to be under $1000 based on solely what the students would be paying, it wouldn’t be what they would want to experience.”

On top of this, Pancak said she was informed that the 3+1 students were not originally sent the first email, so a second one was made not only to narrow down the students’ choices but to also grant the 3+1 students a choice in what they wanted as well.

In the second survey, the options for Senior Week were narrowed down to two. The first option included seniors attending exclusive events throughout their fall and Spring semester, with costs as high as $100. The other option included events priced between $300 to $350 and would take place over three days and two nights with the choice to stay overnight on campus after classes are completed.

Greg Scacchi, senior film television and media major said he would prefer the second option because he feels like more students would be more likely to attend if all of the events were postponed until the end of the school year.

“The second option is more like, let me go out with one last bang, with everybody,” Scacchi said. “We’re seniors and we’re done with school, it’s like that wave, that high you’re on, that natural high where it’s like, this is cool. Everybody is down to do it. It’s going to be a good time because me and my friends are going to be there, and everyone else and their friends are going to be there.”