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Which freshman dorm are you?

Good or bad, it’s hard to forget your freshman year of college. At Quinnipiac, the very different dorms can lead to very different experiences. Take this test to find out which building you’re most like. – M. Fortin

Describe an ideal Saturday night.

A.) A little bit of studying and preparing for the
week ahead

B.) A nice dinner at Eli’s. Maybe even Wood-n-Tap

C.) Hanging outside with some pals

D.) A wild night out on the town

What do you typically wear to class?

A.) Old-Navy jeans and a t-shirt screaming “GAP”

B.) Blue polo and a pair of khakis – a classic

C.) Gotta flex the fake Yeezys

D.) QU sweats and a Martha’s Vineyard sweatshirt, maybe Forever 21 if I’m feeling particularly daring

What’s your favorite local hot-spot?

A.) The lib with my best friend Arnie, of course

B.) Box

C.) Clubhouse

D.) Toad’s

Where does your GPA tend to hover?

A.) Nothing short of a 4.0

B.) 3.4… I try to keep it respectable without killing myself

C.) Solid 2.8… I have some assignments to turn in during finals week

D.) Ummm… I don’t think I’ve checked for a while…

You’re running late and throw on the first pair of shoes you see. What are they?

A.) A very practical pair of Asics

B.) Sperrys

C.) Vans

D.) Converse

You just finished waiting 45 minutes at Starbucks. What are you going to order?

A.) Venti iced coffee, triple shot of espresso, black. Lots to accomplish, plus it puts a little hair on your chest

B.) Caramel macchiato with steamed milk and a dash of cinnamon

C.) Forget the coffee, cake pops for sure

D.) Mocha frappuccino with extra whipped cream

Which Spotify playlist do you have on repeat?

A.) Essential Mumford & Sons

B.) EDM (over 140 BPM only)

C.) Rap Caviar

D.) Today’s Pop Hits

Describe how you spend your time in lecture.

A.) Front and center, always 5 minutes early

B.) Texting the squad on the MacBook Pro 17”

C.) Half asleep in the back, sporting a hoodie and a singular Skullcandy ear phone whilst charging a JUUL

D.) Straight up not there

What’s your summer vacation destination
of choice?

A.) Lake George, New York

B.) Martha’s Vineyard

C.) Venice Beach

D.) Down the shore

What throwback TV Show protagonist do you most identify with?

A.) Quinn from Zoey 101

B.) London Tipton from Zack and Cody

C.) Totally Kyle from the Amanda Show

D.) Drake from Drake and Josh


A: 1 point

B: 2 points

C: 3 points

D: 4 points


10-15 Points: 

You are Dana Hall, home to the Living Learning Communities like 3+1 Communications and Business. You always get your schoolwork done above anything else and take your education seriously.

16-25 Points: 

Hey MTV, welcome to my crib! You’re MountainView, the only suite style living available to freshmen. You enjoy the finer things in life (like having your own bathroom) and aren’t afraid to show it. Flex those Sperrys and enjoy.

26-35 Points: 

You’re Ledges! Ledges is near the woods and away from the action, making it a perfect place to rest after a long day of classes. You’re low-key, easy-going and down-to-earth.

35-40 Points: 

You’re Commons! You just can’t say no to a night out with your best friends, and when it comes to clubs- the grimier the better. And you know what they say- hangovers are temporary, but those memories are forever, right?





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