Re-evaluating professor-student relationships

Jessica Ruderman


A Quinnipiac University professor, Tcho Caulker, was seen being escorted across campus by two public safety officers on Tuesday, April 24, according to junior journalism major Nora Scally.

It is not confirmed why Caulker was escorted off campus at this time.

Caulker is a part-time faculty member at Quinnipiac who taught Global Community, QU 301, this spring semester. He received his bachelor’s at Sacred Heart University and his PhD from Michigan State University.

Public Safety and John Morgan, Associate Vice President for Public Relations, chose not to comment on the matter.

Matthew Coughlin, a senior legal studies major at Quinnipiac, has Caulker as a professor this semester. He said that when he and some other classmates came to class on Tuesday, Caulker never showed up.

Coughlin and three other students were there when two department heads announced to the class that Caulker would not be present for the rest of the semester.

“It was just three of us cause everyone else already left since there was no teacher there and then two of the heads of the department came in and they were just like, ‘The curriculum is going to stay the same, just get your work in for the rest of this semester so nothing else is going to change,’” Coughlin said. “All I’ve heard is rumors about that, I don’t know the girl.”

According to Caulker’s RateMyProfessor page, a commonly used reference site for students to assign ratings to their professors, students have unanimously seemed to enjoy his course. Caulker has be rated at a 4.8 out of 5 overall, a 1.2 in level of difficulty and a 100 percent that students would take the class again.

Coughlin made it clear that he thoroughly enjoyed having Caulker as a professor and did not see something like this coming.

“I personally really liked him as a professor, I thought he was always easy to talk to and always wanted to make sure you were doing alright,” Coughlin said. “I was very caught off by this I really liked him I thought he was a good professor.”

Elizabeth Stanton, senior interdisciplinary studies major, thought Caulker to be an amazing professor so much that she took his courses in three separate semesters.

“He always showed genuine kindness and understanding towards me and I never felt that he overstepped boundaries,” This news truly saddens me.”

Corrections to this article were made on Wednesday, April 25