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Students drawn to Quinnipiac’s accelerated programs

[media-credit id=2139 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]The accelerated programs that Quinnipiac offers throughout its nine schools give students the opportunity to graduate faster than the traidtional four year student.

Currently, there are accelerated programs within the schools of Arts and Sciences, Business, Communications, Health Sciences and Law.

In the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), there is a combined Bachelor of Science in biology/Masters of Science in molecular and cell biology 3+1 program. The 3+1 program means that a student enrolled in the program graduates with an undergraduate degree in three years and complete a graduate degree in the fourth year. The accelerated option allows students to save up to two years of time from schooling and money by graduating in four years with two degrees.

There are 3+1 programs for business and communications students as well. Business students receive their undergraduate degree in three years and a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in the fourth year. Many professors support these programs as well.

“We have always had amazing School of Business students,” Dr. Kiku Jones, associate professor of computer information systems, said. “Most of our students have goals in mind when begin and some develop them as they start their career here. Either way, we find ways to help them reach those goals. Now we have students who are on an accelerated path. This has created a need for structure and streamlined paths. I think that has not only benefited the 3+1 students but also the non 3+1 students as well as the faculty and administration.”

Currently, there are 258 students enrolled in the 3+1 business programs. The program is weighted more toward finance and accounting, with 50 students in the finance 3+1 program and 47 in accounting.

Communications students receive their undergraduate degree in three years and receive their Masters degree in either journalism, sports journalism or public relations in the fourth year.

“I can honestly say that my favorite part of the program is being able to be around my closest friends each day and work hard in my specific field,” Annika Gustaffson, a first year 3+1 communications student, said. “In just one semester, I made so many friends that I love dearly. In that same semester, I also learned about public relations and created my own 80-page PR campaign, something I did not expect to do in my first few months here.”

The Chronicle was not able to obtain statistics regarding students in the School of Communications acceleraed programs in time for publication.

Students that apply to Quinnipiac cannot specifically apply to these programs during the admissions process. They are invited to enter each program upon admission. To be considered for them, students need to have received at least a 1200 on the SAT or a 27 on the ACT. They need to be within the top 20 percent of their high school graduating class while showing completion of a vigorous course load. It is very competitive since only a select number of students are invited to each program.

“My favorite part of the (3+1 business) program would have to be the simple fact that I will be graduating at the end of what would be my junior year with a completed finance degree,” Jake Mendelson, a second year 3+1 finance major, said. “It is an incredible feeling and although it has not always been easy, it has definitely been worth the challenge.”

There is a 3+3 program within the School of Health Sciences. Students can graduate with their undergraduate health science degree in three years and a doctoral program in the additional three years. The School of Health Sciences offers this for the doctorate of physical therapy program (DPT). Students apply directly to the DPT program. Upon admission to the DPT program, students can choose whether they want to complete their undergraduate health science degree in three or four years.

“I chose 4+3 because it works better for my working schedule and because it’s nice to have a cleaner schedule during each semester,” Andrew Cordova, a sophomore student completing the 4+3 DPT program, said.

Quinnipiac also offers an accelerated 3+3 law program. Students complete an undergraduate degree of their choice in three years. They receive their Juris Doctorate degree in the next three years at Quinnipiac’s School of Law. This program saves students up to two years of schooling. To enter the School of Law, students must have 3.4 grade point average.

“Getting admitted into this program was the entire reason I attended this school,” Mendelson said. “No other school I have ever heard of, let alone applied to had anything like this. To come out with two completed degrees from an accredited business school like Quinnipiac sold me on it the second I got my letter.”

There are new programs of this nature coming to campus beginning in the upcoming fall semester.

In the School of Health Sciences, students can be admitted into the BS/MSW 3+2 program which saves one year of schooling. There will also be a BS in Radiologic Sciences/MHS in Advanced Medical Imaging and Leadership 3+1 program.

The School of Business is offering a new 3+1 program where students can now choose to receive their Masters in Accounting. These programs are going to be offered starting in fall 2018 and for all future applicants. All application requirements will still stand for these new programs.

Quinnipiac is unique to offer these programs and continues to attract students from all different disciplines who decide to apply.

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