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    Find the cheapest way to ‘the city’

    Imagine scoring tickets to a Yankees vs. Red Sox game. How quickly could you make it to Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium? Just as important: What is the cheapest way there?

    No, this is not a contest to win future tickets, but we can all dream right?

    Quinnipiac students often have two definitions of “the city:” New York or Boston. When Hamden or New Haven lose their excitement, a vacation from suburbia is always a nice treat.

    However college students find it is hard to afford traveling to the destination of their choice every weekend.

    New York and Boston are both easily accessible by car, train, or bus. If traveling by car, New York is closer mileage-wise. It would only take about an hour and a half to get to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, a quick 80 miles away, compared to the more than two hour, 126-mile drive to Fenway Park.

    However, students without cars should add about an hour or two to traveling times. After taking the shuttle to Union Station in New Haven, there are two choices: train or bus?

    The Metro-North line runs to New York City, making local stops throughout Connecticut and the outskirts of the city and ending at Grand Central Station. A round-trip ticket costs $28 and the ride is almost two hours.

    But if you suffer from siderodromophobia (fear of trains), Greyhound buses also run to and from New York City. A one-way ticket to NYC costs $21 and would take just as much time as traveling by train.

    Unfortunately, those traveling to Boston without a car will need more time and money. The only train that runs to Boston is the two and a half hour Amtrak and at $42, a one-way ticket costs almost double the amount of a round-trip to New York.

    If you choose to take a bus to Boston, though, make sure to bring a book, a couple of magazines and a fully-charged iPod. A Greyhound from New Haven to Boston is $31 one-way, and takes four hours, or three and a half with one bus transfer.

    Quinnipiac also offers a van program to the city of your choice, students need to only pay for tolls and parking, and the University pays for gas. These trips must be approved and are usually reserved for student organizations and academic related activities.

    Reservations can be made at the Campus Information desk in the student center, across from the café.

    Those interested in a quick getaway, set aside a date and some money and take a quick ride into New York City.

    Visit a museum, see a play, go shopping or just go eat food from any culture imaginable. Boston fans, wear Sox gear at your own risk.

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