Hand of fate

Hannah Tebo

Each year The Grammy Awards honor some of the most legendary artists in history. It solidifies an artist’s place in the music industry and confirms that the artist had a substantial impact on the music industry and the people they reach. As music progressed, some iconic bands have been left in the dust and forgotten as a new era of music takes over society. Yet, some early rock and roll bands are still holding on and continuing their profound impact on society.

The Rolling Stones won their third Grammy on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 for Best Traditional Blues Album. Their album, “Blue and Lonesome” is their 51st album released since the band formed in 1962. The Rolling Stones won the Lifetime Achievement Award and won Best Video Music Video, Short Form for “Love is Strong” in 1994.

The Rolling Stones newest album, “Blue and Lonesome” has reminiscent vibes of Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Jimmy Reed. The album pays tribute to the Stones’ favorite artists.

In the description of the album, The Stones wrote, “American blues has long been part of the Stones’ DNA, and ‘Blue and Lonesome’ is a greasy, grimy tribute to their blues heroes. Deep cuts by the likes of Jimmy Reed, Howlin’ Wolf, Magic Sam, and Little Walter are delivered with soulful reverence, showing that even rock ‘n’ roll legends are still just music fans at heart.”

Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Woods and Charlie Watts masterfully put together an album that connects back to the roots of jazz. Jagger on the harmonica and vocals, Richards as lead guitarist, Woods as bassist and Watts as the drummer makes a dynamic album full of a mix of records. “Ride ‘Em Down” combines Jagger’s vocals exquisitely with the drums and guitar breaking off midway through the song to give the spotlight to Richards’ legendary guitar skills to give the song more of a traditional blues vibe. Their song, “Blue and Lonesome” portrays the desperation of the song through the harsh guitar and intense lyrics.

While the Stones did win the Grammy for Best Blues Album, “Blue and Lonesome” has reminiscent feels of their albums “Hot Rocks” and “High Tides and Green Grass,” some of The Stones first albums. The Rolling Stones came to the rock and roll scene in 1962, when rock was just starting to firmly establish itself in society.

Some of the first rock and roll bands such as The Who, Big Brother and Holding Company, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles and Jim Morrison weaved their ways through homes all across the world and created a generation that would soon be inspired to change the ways of conventional societal standards and challenge the status quo. “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones was an intense statement to the Vietnam War through revealing and harsh lyrics and intense guitar progression. “Sympathy For The Devil” is a statement on the atrocities committed throughout history sung through the viewpoint of the devil. These songs are only a few of the political and social statements The Stones made through music.

Music has always been a safe haven for artistic expression. It has given artists a way to connect with a larger audience and has given people an escape from reality. It has started many social movements that progressed our society and has been an outlet for people all over the world. The Rolling Stones were only one band out of so many that helped shape society. There newest album, “Blue and Lonesome” was a reminder of the music that helped shape music and facilitated some of the movements that changed our world.