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OPINION: The Standard


It’s higher than the Empire State Building; it’s what the independent woman today has that most envy. Men may have principles they uphold, but this woman has standards that easily bypass those. The standard to which independent women operate is what they pride themselves on. Being self-sufficient and making others operate on their level is what fortifies The Standard.

These are the eight hallmarks that make an independent woman.

1. She will march to the beat of her own drum.

An independent woman will do what she wants when she wants when it benefits her.

2. Everything in her life is held to a high expectation and required to meet that.

To most, her expectations are larger than life and seem unrealistic, but if she thinks it makes sense, then there is nothing wrong with it. In fact, her goals are actually very realistic. The thing is that most do not want to put that effort into meeting it.

3. An independent woman does not waste time.

One philosophy she abides by religiously is that time is precious and not meant to be misspent. Every minute of her life needs to be productive. Whether it be bringing her joy or making a change in the world, time is of the essence.

4. She solves her own problems.

Being a problem solver is huge for her. She will exhaust all of her faculties before she asks for help. Most of the time, she will find a solution on her own, but she is not afraid to ask for help when she needs it.

5. Empowerment is key.

A woman with high standards desires success for herself and for others around her. This is why she is often looked to for guidance and is seen as inspirational. She genuinely wants to better people, but that does not mean that she will enable someone, so don’t be confused.

6. She will never settle.

Settling is not an option for the independent woman. She will not stop until she has reached the optimal situation that she sees fit. Success is her priority and accomplishing it is her goal.

7. Tone it down? She thinks not.

Oftentimes, this type of woman will face criticism for her ambition. Telling her to tone it down will only make her amp it up. Do not think for a second that she will come down from her high off life.

And finally…

8. She is evolved.

What makes an independent woman so powerful is how well she knows herself. Her biggest strength is knowing that she is not without flaws. Rather, she endorses her imperfections and uses them to her advantage. An independent woman’s goal is not to be perfect, it is to be strong.

Being an independent woman comes with a variety of misconceptions. Perhaps the biggest misconception is that she is self-centered. Where this idea fails independent women is in knowing the difference between cockiness and being self-assured. Being self-assured, she knows that she has put in the work to get where she is and she commends herself for it. Another misunderstanding held against independent women is the view that she is bleak. She may appear rough on the outside, but it is a mechanism to keep herself in line. Beneath this exterior, is a compassionate and genuine person like many others.

Statistics show that the woman you reckon as Miss Independent expresses these qualities and negates common misconceptions. According to the Pew Research Center, approximately 43 percent of women in high positions are held to higher standards than men. If we are being held to higher standards, why not cultivate them, right? Similarly, Sonya Rhodes from Psychology Today has found that the “alpha woman” is unique because within her is some tendency related to being a beta. Having such attributes makes the alpha malleable.

Speaking from experience as being a little Miss Independent, I do demonstrate these qualities and have faced misapprehension. The first is that I have often been told that I can be harsh, specifically in suitors trying to court me. Well, for those of you reading this, that “harshness” is what has landed me a wonderful significant other who not only met my “impossible” standards, but surpassed them. I have found my equal. In another instance, I’ve also been told that I am over-ambitious, that I put too much on myself and that I cannot handle it. If you get to know the academic track I am on, you can see that I’ve proved that claim wrong too.

In regards to the hallmarks that create an independent woman, well, my character expresses that too. I march to the beat of my own drum. I rely on myself for 99 percent of things. I refuse to settle. I love seeing a change for the better in the world. Time is hardly ever misspent and my energy levels rarely come down. So, for all of the Miss Independents out there, do not change; your mindset is justified.

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