Homophobic slur found in Law School

David Westerberg

Another act of vandalism has struck the Quinnipiac University campus, this time at the Law School.

On the morning of Sept. 6, Law School janitorial staff found a slur with racial and homophobic overtones along with a student’s name written on a classroom chalkboard and reported the findings to Quinnipiac security. The staff had found similar vandalism the previous morning but it was not reported.

The following day, Law School Dean Brad Saxton sent out an e-mail to all law school students and faculty acknowledging the incident and denouncing the perpetrator. In the e-mail Saxton noted that the comments “appeared to be targeted toward an undergraduate student”.

“The Law School and the university are working quickly and aggressively to try to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators and initiate disciplinary proceedings,” said Saxton in his e-mail. “As president Lahey noted, we will not tolerate harassment in our community, and those found to have engaged in it will be disciplined appropriately.”

The student whom the slur was targeted at was approached by university officials regarding the incident. According to Director of Multi-Cultural Affairs Tyrone Black, the student took the vandalism lightly, but the university is not.

“We said, ‘Whether you look at it that way or not, this is still offensive'” Black said.

As a result of the latest incident, the Law School’s Student Bar Association has taken a “hard-line” stance against racial intolerance. The group has begun to distribute petitions supporting meaningful diversity and denouncing acts or words of hate.

“Our intention is to have a panel discussion on Sept. 27 and open up an academic discussion on when words are free speech and when words are hate crimes,” Student Bar Associate President Adam Swanson said. “Two of our esteemed professors will be on the panel and we’re going to invite President Lahey to be there.”