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    Cures for the common hangover

    Ever wake up in the morning and wish the pounding in your head would just magically disappear? Chances are, you are not alone. Hangovers are no fun for anyone.

    Luckily, there are home remedies to stop your temples from throbbing and help you move along to a hang-over free lifestyle. With foods, drinks, or over-the-counter medications, the days of morning after blues are no longer.

    Hangovers and hungry stomachs go hand in hand. One of the most popular hangover cures is greasy foods. From Big Macs to Dunkin’ Donuts breakfast sandwiches, students look for the greasiest meal they can get their hands on.

    Many students made it clear that the sausage from the cafeteria was the only cure for their hangover. Some have even tried to cook their own at home, but it is hard to recreate the greasy goodness that is the cafe sausage.

    Water and Gatorade are other helpful hangover cures. But when is the right time to drink them?

    Some believe that drinking Gatorade before bedtime prevents hangovers the next day. The only way to know if this cure is for you, is to try it yourself.

    Drinking water the night before may help, but it is not a guarantee. Water is more effective the morning after, especially with a few aspirin.

    However, students should be careful when taking aspirin-like products before or after drinking. They can have long-term effects on the stomach, but an alternative product has been developed to replace it.

    “Chaser pills” are a popular over-the-counter pill college students try. With a slogan like “Freedom from Hangovers,” how could you resist?

    The pills are marketed as a “safe alternative” to aspirin-like pills, and “help prevent” hangover symptoms.

    Although “chaser pills” don’t seem to be popular on campus, it’s not that students haven’t heard of them, but more than most haven’t tried them.

    From water to sausage, students will try anything to make their pounding headaches and aching bodies better. The most obvious cure, sleep, is usually all that is necessary to feel normal again.

    But what is obvious may not be the easiest or most convenient.

    When it comes down to it, there is not one definite way to cure all hangovers.

    In the end there are two options: just continue drinking, or never drink again.

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