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    Grad school option for some seniors

    As May is rapidly approaching, thoughts of lying on a beach or traveling to a warm destination linger in the minds of many Quinnipiac students. However, for this year’s graduating seniors, they have a little more than warm weather on their minds.

    After their graduation from Quinnipiac, seniors must decide the path they wish to pursue. For some it may be working right away, but for others, it may be applying to graduate schools.

    But where to apply, and when to apply, and what schools have the most to offer? With a little research and assistance from knowledgeable professors or the Internet, students have the ability to find the right graduate school.

    The first way to find success in applying to the right school is to start off early. How can you do this? Work extremely hard in your particular field of study. If this requires cutting back on other activities, you should do this because it will benefit you in the long run.

    Another way to get ahead of the game is to establish a good relationship with your professors. Let them know that graduate school is something that you are considering and ask them for advice about what schools to consider and they may even offer to write a recommendation.

    Next, it is important to find out if there are certain tests you are required to take in order to apply, such as the LSAT, MCAT or GRE. These tests will also play a major role in your acceptance, so it is important to take them seriously.

    There are thousands of graduate schools in the United States. So how do you know which school is right for you? It is important to begin by setting certain criteria in what you are looking for in a school.

    Some things you may want to consider are the location of the school and the opportunities for jobs surrounding the school.

    Also, it is important to consider how well that school compares academically compared to other schools. And lastly, you must consider what kind of financial aid the school has to offer.

    Once you have decided which schools fit what you are looking for, it is suggested that you apply to at least six schools. By applying to more schools you will increase your chances of getting into one.

    One aspect of graduate school that most people do not realize about graduate school is that its admissions process is very different than the admissions process for undergraduate colleges and universities.

    For grad school, the professors in the department that you are applying to make the decisions and that decision is based on much more of a personal level.

    For this reason, it is crucial that you go and visit as many campuses as possible and meet with the professors in your department.

    So if the proper amount of time and research is put into choosing the right school, you should be able to find the right match for you.

    No matter where you decided to go, graduate school is a big commitment and a life-changing experience and you should take into serious consideration if this is the path for you.

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