Letter to the Editor: Institution of intolerance


I didn’t know how to begin this letter because there are so many things on my mind right now. When I opened my inbox and read an e-mail from Dr. Carreiro, an array of feelings came over me. I was appalled, shocked and concerned to say the least. I wonder what is to come of an individual who is overcome by their own ignorance. I know that some people can be stubborn and stuck in their ways, but what does a person do when the stubborn attitude comes from not wanting to go see a certain movie with a friend or after an argument with your significant other? What if the attitude comes from wanting to see a person gone? Why would someone want somebody gone you ask? It’s simple, because you don’t look like me. Simple enough to understand, isn’t it? I mean if that’s not a good enough reason, I don’t know what is. That’s the way some people think, and to me, it’s sickening.

There are many people in the world who discriminate, whether openly or behind closed doors. The sad thing is that when we are all enrolled in an institution with the mindset of educating ourselves for the business and professional worlds, there are some individuals who refuse to educate themselves for the “real world”. The “real world” is not filled with individuals who look just like you. It is your personal responsibility to know about people who aren’t like you. The same way that I walk around this campus and there are some things that I don’t know, there are things that you don’t know either. Instead of disregarding my culture, learn about it. You won’t ignore me because I won’t let you. I’m here and you’re just going to have to live with that.

It’s time to enforce the intolerance of intolerance. In an approximate two-and- a-half year time span, there’s been an astonishing instance of d