What’s on your iPod?

Janine Elliot

“Love Today”

It sounds almost like a disco pop-type song that you can’t help but sing along to. It uses the combination of piano and electric guitar, which makes for an interesting sound. You’re guaranteed to be put in a good mood once you hear Mika’s high-pitched voice profess that “everybody’s gonna love today!”

“Im’ma Shine”

This track is a fast-paced rap song that is perfect to listen to when you need to wake up. It’s a song that combines violins playing in the background with fast lyrics.

Regina Spektor

This is the perfect song to study and relax to. It’s slow beats paired with Spektors’ soft voice offer a sound much like Norah Jones.

“Miss You”

If you’re in need of a heart- pumping song to listen to at the gym, this is it. It has fast beats with a techno feel.