Editor Speaks Out: Students now, our parents later


It’s sad, but it is true. We try to avoid it. We deny it at every chance we get. But let’s face it; most of us will eventually turn into our parents.

We all have told ourselves multiple times after an embarrassing parent moment, “If I ever do that, please kill me.”

“Like mother, like daughter” or “you look just like your father” may be familiar expressions you have heard at family parties or between old friends.

Parents have those annoying habits like clucking their teeth when they eat or thinking they are so hilarious at a new joke they overheard at work.

Many parents go through their midlife crisis. Some moms get fit and dress in tiny clothes. Moms now are hotter than their daughters and are wanted by their son’s friends.

Or you could have the complete opposite. Perhaps your parents dress like they are stuck in the 70s with the same hair style and clothing.

The way our mothers tell us a story that happened to them at the food store, then goes on and tells five of her friends on the telephone, saying and laughing at the same phrases each time.

The way our parents try to act cool around our friends, but sometimes embarrass us and themselves. They try to “stay hip” with the popular lingo and music. No one says hip anymore, Dad.

Such a horror right?

Well, not exactly. Despite all these “horrors” we still love our parents to death.

We love them for being our parents. Even with all of the embarrassing moments and the actions that make us roll our eyes, we wouldn’t trade them for the world. We even love to hate their embarrassing habits.

Maybe turning into our parents isn’t such a bad thing. They raised us, so they must have done something right!

Don’t roll your eyes anymore because in about 20 years, we will be our parents!