Dealing with EXES

Belinda Stasiukiewicz

Dating people and having relationships are common practices in society. Unfortunately, so is breaking up. We’ve all been there, and whether you’re the dumper or the dumpee it’s still a bad situation. Dating people in college can be difficult. There are more issues to deal with: long distance, roommate interference and the ever-present possibility of cheating. Once a good relationship sours, it’s time to move on. But for some, it’s easier said then done.

One Quinnipiac student knows this type of situation all too well. “My ex was not happy that I had moved on,” she said. “I put an ugly necklace he gave me on eBay and he found out and threatened to sue me. It took him over two years to finally let go.”

On the other hand, turning someone into an ex can be a good thing. One Quinnipiac student agrees. “I still hook up with one of my exes when I see him and we have become better friends now,” another student said. “We used to fight and be jealous but now because we’re not together, we get along really well.”

Getting back together with an ex can happen sometimes as well. People grow and change and they may find that they are again attracted to a person they used to date. One Quinnipiac student got back together with her high school boyfriend after two years spent apart. She is glad that she gave the relationship another chance.

“I always thought about my ex and wondered what he was up to,” she said. “Then he called me one day and told me how he still had feelings for me and how his current relationship wasn’t going so well. We kept talking until we eventually both ended our current relationships and started dating officially again,” she said.

Sometimes people drift apart after they break up and they no longer speak. “I don’t really speak to my ex anymore,” said one Quinnipiac student. “He used to call me sometimes but now we haven’t spoken in a year.” Another student said that he and his ex no longer talk, but say it is because there is bad blood between them. “We dated on and off for a long time but it didn’t work out,” he said. “But she’s crazy so I don’t talk to her anymore.”