Album Review: The Arcade Fire | “Neon Bible”

Gemma McFarland

Why it rocks: Arcade Fire’s new album carries the listener through a unique melodic journey of ups and downs. Released on March 6, “Neon Bible” demonstrates how the co-ed group of seven has seriously progressed as a band.

Each track from the first to the last is different and each manages to paint a picture through thought-provoking lyrics. Instrumentals, ranging from organs to violins to traditional drums and guitar, serve not only as sound but as a storytelling aide.

The album is infectious. The third track on the album, “Intervention,” manages to convert lyrics like: “Every spark of friendship and love will die without a home / Hear the soldier groan all quiet and alone,” and turn them into a toe-tapping song.

Song worth downloading: “Keep the Car Running” is an enjoyable track. But if you are new to Arcade Fire, go with “Black Wave / Bad Vibrations.”

Our rating (out of 5): * * * 1/2