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    Up and coming rock band to release ‘Grand’ premiere album

    A group of four musicians from southern California is trying to make its stamp on the pop rock music scene. Grandville will try to make you remember them one guitar riff and catchy lyric at a time.

    Grandville consists of Robb Vallier, vocals and guitar; Todd McCool, guitar and vocals; George Nakonechny, bass and vocals; and Erik Eldenius on drums. Most of the band formed under MySpace, but Vallier first met McCool during a set that McCool was playing with another band. McCool listened to some of Vallier’s ideas and loved them. As far as MySpace goes, McCool and Vallier put an ad on MySpace for a bass player, and Nakonechny’s drive and belief in the band is what got him his spot. As for the drummer, Eldenius was a stand-in before he fully became a member.

    The band has a self-titled album that was released in late 2005. The 10-track album has just enough pop for fans to sing along and just enough rock for them not to feel bad about it.

    “The lyrics are deep, but the music is fun; a combination of intelligence and energy,” said Vallier in a statement made on his MySpace.

    So what’s next for the band? An album release planned for March 20 titled “Chasing the Sun.”

    “The new stuff is a bit more thought out, where the first album was a little bit more instinctual,” Vallier said.

    “Chasing the Sun” is also the title track on the upcoming album that has some significance to the band.

    “You kind of ask yourself, ‘When is it my turn to have something special happen to me?'” Vallier said in regards to the song’s meaning. The EP itself, which only took two months to record, is more focused than their first album, according to Vallier.

    Like most new bands, an album release is usually accompanied by a tour. According to the band’s MySpace, they are planning a national tour. Vallier is excited to play at the House of Blues in Las Vegas to promote the new record. Despite the temptation, Vallier states that it’s all work and no play for this Vegas trip.

    “All the guys, they’re going to be partying it up as soon as we get there and I’m going to be watching ‘National Geographic,'” he said jokingly, with just a hint of sadness.

    But Vallier also clears up the misconception about lead singers.

    “There’s no sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll for the lead singer of a band. People don’t seem to understand, their instrument is their body,” Vallier said. “If you go out and trash your body that night, and you have to sing three or four nights in a row, you’re as good as dead.”

    You can listen to some of the band’s music on or and purchase their music on iTunes or

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