Chronicle Review: ‘Something Borrowed’ Witty, almost impossible to put down

Janine Elliot

If you have ever felt overshadowed by a best friend, then “Something Borrowed” by Emily Griffin is the page-turner you have been looking for.

Rachel and Darcy have been best friends since their childhood, growing up in Indiana and eventually relocating to New York City together. Darcy is a publicist and the typical pretty and spunky party girl who always seems to get what she wants. Rachel, on the other hand, is an intelligent lawyer and goody-two-shoes who always does what she’s told. Nevertheless these two opposites have been able to maintain a friendship throughout their entire lives.

Rachel has always played it safe; that is until her 30th birthday party. She finally meets the man of her dreams who is smart, intelligent and essentially Mr. Right. But there is one thing wrong with him. After Darcy takes a cab home after having too much to drink, Rachel leaves the party with him and ends up having a one-night stand. The only problem is he just happens to be the fianc