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Eleven freshmen candidates campaign for spots in SGA


[media-credit id=2199 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]By Nicholas Slater, Alexa Nikitas & Stephen MacLeod

With Election Day around the corner, freshmen are facing a tough decision on Wednesday, Sept. 13. Eleven candidates are campaigning for 10 positions in the Student Government Association (SGA) ranging from President to Vice President to Class Representative.

Today, the newest generation of Bobcats make its decision as to who will best represent the voice of the freshman class.

Members of the freshman class are looking for open communication between the student body and the president, active involvement within class government, availability, approachability and passion.

A desirable candidate is going to take his or her job seriously and benefit the class they are representing, SGA Vice President Jacqueline Schmedel said.

“Vote on (candidates) as a person. Get to know them. Don’t vote for that person who makes a bunch of crazy promises. Vote for the person who has the character to get them done,” Schmedel said.

At this point, candidates have developed their platforms and campaigned around campus. Now, it is up to the voters to determine the new president of the freshman class. Candidates spoke regarding their platforms and goals for the class of 2021.

Class Representative Candidates:

Gisselle Acevedo is a health science major who plans to become a pediatric surgeon. As a class representative, has her ideas in mind, but also wants to hear from the rest of the freshman class. “Balancing our studies, extra curricular activities and social life is a core issue to be addressed when facing the class of 2021,” Acevedo said. “I bring skills that every class representative should have: honesty, commitment, leadership and optimism.”

Glenn Adams is a 3+1 business major. Adam stresses on the need to unite a class through communication. “So many people I know in our community have complaints about things that can easily be fixed, but they lack the resources to be able to do anything about it,” Adams said. “I want to be the resource.” Adams credits his diversified high school experience to allow him to see life through multiple perspectives as his greatest strengths. “I can see things from an athlete’s standpoint, a dedicated student’s standpoint and a business standpoint.”

Lille Gaeta is a behavioral neuroscience major. She is very experienced in student government and feels that she can bring strong leadership skills that go above and beyond. “School just started so I feel as if we have not really united as a class yet. Not having a feeling of unity or trustworthiness is a core issue to me,” Gaeta said.

Vice President Candidates:

Olamide Gbotosho is a management major that, if elected, plans to work hand in hand with the president and make an impact on the QU community. She plans to be an outgoing and energetic member of the SGA who students will be able to approach. “I don’t want to take my time here for granted,” Gbotosho said. “I want to make an impact when I leave here.” Gbotosho smiled as she claimed she believes that core issues currently include problematic laundry, and the lack of waffles on campus.

Kaye Paddyfote is a journalism major who is not afraid to make sure the president will hear and act on the demands of the class. Paddyfote brought up the idea of keeping an open communication line between students and herself, and is not being afraid to make sure her fellow representatives follow through on their promises to fight for the class. “I bring a lot of confidence and energy. I think those traits represent our class well.”

President Candidates:

Sophia Marshall is studying to be a physician’s assistant, and is ready to take on the responsibilities of being the president for the class of 2021. Marshall’s top priority is keeping the freshman class happy, and wants her peers to come to her when they have a problem. “People are people, and if I’m elected I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are treated as you deserve to be: as an equal,” Marshall said when asked about her job if she elected as president. She believes that an important thing to establish as president is to see people taking more initiative to meet new people. Marshall wraps up with, “When I see something worth working for, I go for it, and I can assure you that I am going to do everything in my power to be part of this, because 2021 is without a doubt, worth (it).”

Daniel French is a film and TV major that strives to be an approachable president who can give students the best possible experience at Quinnipiac. During his interview, French spoke about his leadership experiences including directing his school’s TV station and volunteering for the Avon Breast Cancer Walk. French believes that he can be a strong yet humble leader that can solve problems.

Sam Tran is a 3+1 business major that strives to “Put the U in QU.” Tran’s goals include increasing student involvement and implementing more hydration stations on campus. She advised voters to “follow your gut,” on election day. Tran wants students to know that she is committed to the QU community, and wishes to be a liaison between the freshman class and administration.

Briana Wyman is a Biology major who puts an emphasis on commitment. “I have never missed a day of school. Not one,” she said. Wyman plans to bring that level of consistency to the SGA. When she says that her motto is to give 110 percent, she is dead serious. A self-described “Renaissance woman,” Wyman was involved in everything from band to government, and interacting with everybody in between. She plans to bring that same mentality to help unite a large, diverse class into one. Wyman plans to push her fellow representatives to be the best voices of a class that they can be.

Traci Duff– When asked for comment, Duff did not respond via email.

Jamien Jean-Baptiste– When approached for comment, Jean-Baptiste did not respond via email.


Update (11:30 a.m. on Sept. 14):

After nearly one-third of the freshman class voted, the students have chosen who will represent them for the 2017-18 academic year.

Class President: Sophia Marshall

Class Vice President: Olamide Gbotosho

Class Representatives: Gisselle Acevedo, Glenn Adams, Samantha Tran, Dan French, Jamien Jean-Baptiste, Lille Gaeta and Briana Wyman

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