QU Quiz: Is your glass half full or half empty?


1. You overslept for your first class. You think:
a. No big deal. It’s totally fine.
b. Wow that sucks, I suppose I should hurry.
c. That it’s the end of the world and that you’re doomed because you missed the class.

2. You got a C on a paper you spent days huddled in the library writing. You think:
a. Hmm. Next time I’ll do better.
b. Stupid teacher.
c. That professor is out to get you and that she wants you to fail.

3. After a first date, you are expecting a follow-up phone call. It’s been a day and no call. You think:
a. It’s only been a day; I’ll give it a few more.
b. Why didn’t they call? Not even an IM. I’ll give it another day, then I’ll call them.
c. They hated you. It’s over before it’s even begun!

4. The internship you were hoping for fell through. You:
a. Didn’t even notice because you got another great offer.
b. Are a bit bummed but determined to find a better one.
c. Are depressed, thinking you are a failure at life.

Mostly A’s
Full.You are an extreme optimist. You are laid back and calm. Share that mood with those around you who seem a bit uptight.

Mostly B’s
Middle.You have a nice balance between the two. Certain things won’t bother you, and others will hit a nerve.

Mostly C’s
Empty. Don’t be such a pessimist! The world is not out to get you. Everything happens for a reason. Get over it and move on with your life.