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Kimmie K

Kim Kardashian has raised eyebrows once again with her Jackie Kennedy Onassis inspired magazine cover for Interview Magazine. The September issue of Interview featured the mother of two sporting a 60’s bouffant hairstyle mimicking the beloved former first lady. Kardashian’s daughter with rapper Kanye West, North West, posed alongside her mother as they were photographed by Steven Klein. There was speculation that Kardashian airbrushed her skin to match her daughter’s darker complexion. Some people have expressed dissatisfaction saying that the former first lady would be insulted by the Interview cover. Others fully support the look by claiming that she’s preparing for Kanye’s 2020 presidential run.


Gigi Hadid in hot water again

Gigi Hadid announced that she will be featured in the 2017 Victoria Secret fashion show, which will be held in Shanghai, via Instagram on Wednesday. The announcement was met with immediate uproar on the twitter-verse. Back in September, Hadid’s younger sister, Bella, posted a video of her sister squinting her eyes to look like a buddha inspired cookie. The model never apologized for the incident. Since her announcement, people have flooded her comment section, telling her not to come to Shanghai alongside multiple snake emoji’s. Hadid has since disabled the comments of her announcement post.


Taylor Swift Drops “…Ready For It?”

With all the hype surrounding Taylor Swift’s return to music, there was much anticipation surrounding her second song’s debut. She previewed the song during a college football game between Alabama and Florida State on Saturday Sept. 2 and the song was available the next morning. In usual Swift fashion, she took everyone by surprise when she started rapping in her song. Many people went to Twitter to show their support for the new Taylor. I’m sorry, Taylor can’t come to the phone right now. Why?… oh cuz she’s T-Swizzle now.


Zayn Malik goes bald

Former member of One Direction Zayn Malik has sported many different hairstyles in the past five years. Many fans were shocked when he got a buzz cut in 2015, then dyed it green a few weeks later. But now fans are shook as Zayn gone completely bald… Like bald bald! His mother, Patricia posted a photo of herself alongside Malik’s girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, Zayn and Zayn’s very smooth head. Fans aren’t fully convinced that he has actually shaved his head completely, claiming that he was wearing a bald cap in that photo. But as he has proven time and time again, he can pull off any hairstyle.