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Starbucks, sushi and sandwiches

Starbucks, sushi and sandwiches

[media-credit id=2148 align=”alignright” width=”300″][/media-credit]Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner, thousands of students make their way to Café Q every day to indulge in the various options available to them. Those options will be expanded this semester, with the addition of three new dining selections throughout the Mount Carmel campus.

Quinnipiac students will now be able to enjoy food or beverages from Starbucks, Revolution Noodle + Sushi and Au Bon Pain Express, according to an email from Chartwells.

Starbucks, the popular American coffeehouse chain, will bring its operations to the Carl Hansen Student Center. The facility will be located at the former site of SC 225, directly upstairs from the Piazza.

Senior health sciences major Victoria Pryputniewicz thinks students will appreciate the addition of a Starbucks on campus.

“I think it’s (going to be) a great addition because everybody loves Starbucks,” Pryputniewicz said. “It’s really popular, and I think the students will like having more variety, so I think it will be really nice to have those options.”

Junior biomedical science major Taylor Braschear also looks forward to having a Starbucks on campus, however he thinks Chartwells could have chosen a better location.

“I wish that (Starbucks) wasn’t in the same building as the cafeteria and the (Au Bon Pain) we already have,” Braschear said. “I wish we had some coffee in the (Arnold Bernhard Library)… I think that would be better (for students).”

For students who enjoy sushi, Revolution Noodle + Sushi will be the place to satisfy their craving.

Junior marketing major Jason Rodrigues sees potential in having sushi located on campus.

“Honestly, I think (Revolution Noodle + Sushi) will be a big hit, because a lot of girls here don’t like the Chartwells food, and they’re big sushi fans, so I think (female students) will be there all the time,” Rodrigues said.

Revolution Noodle + Sushi will be located at the former site of the faculty dining room, on the upper level of Café Q.

Despite Au Bon Pain already operating in the Student Center, students who visit the Center for Communications and Engineering (CCE) will now be able to get their hands on the various baked items the franchise sells via the addition of Au Bon Pain Express.

Braschear believes that having Au Bon Pain Express will greatly benefit students who have classes in CCE.

“I think having the (Au Bon Pain Express) in CCE will be nice because you can grab some snacks or whatever (if you are in CCE),” he said.

Junior chemistry and biology double major Sarah Marek expressed optimism about having food available in CCE.

“I think having food in (CCE) will be good, so students can get out of class and won’t have to come all the way (to Café Q), so it’s kind of quick and on-the-go,” Marek said.

Marek believes Chartwells did a good job in placing the new food options.

“I like how they’re in different locations, so (students) don’t have to travel all the way to (Café Q) to get food. I think that’s something (positive) to consider,” she said.

Despite just entering her freshman year at Quinnipiac, physical therapy major Nicole Whitbeck looks forward to the new changes on campus.

“It’s pretty exciting because it gives students more options to eat, and gives them more choices than just the normal (food from Café Q),” Whitbeck said.

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