Letter to the Editor: Hockey ticket system should be improved


What about an online ticketing process and lottery for student game tickets, similar to the University of Maryland? I don’t know how the backend of those types of systems work or what they cost, but it seems to make sense for a few reasons that come to mind: Students don’t have to wait in long lines (or camp out like UConn students.) and, it’s more equitable for everyone.

Such a system could possibly be set up so that students could enter 1-4 names, enabling them to make plans with friends. UMD’s policy even addresses the “diehard” student fans, who earn “loyalty” points for attending games (more points for games during university holidays and semester breaks). The benefit: priority dibs on student tickets based on points earned.

Granted, Quinnipiac isn’t anywhere near the size of U of Maryland, and with all the great technology we have at our disposal, it seems somewhat archaic for students to have to wait in long lines to be manually issued paper tickets – if they’re among the lucky ones, that is.

My suggestion: The Student Government Association, the Student Programming Board, a few “Crazy Bobcats” and someone from IT team up with Eric Grgurich and do some research on this issue. For more details check out the .pdf “Student Ticket Policy” at: https://www.ticketreturn.com/umd/StudentTickets.asp

– Louise Howe

Director of Marketing Communications for Admissions