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Quinnipiac President John Lahey announces retirement

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On Friday, April 14 President John Lahey announced to the University community that he will retire after the 2017-2018 academic year.

Upon his retirement, Lahey will have served as president of Quinnipiac University for 31 years and three months.

“Words alone cannot express the thanks and appreciation I feel for the privilege and honor I have been given to serve as President of Quinnipiac University for more than three decades,” Lahey said in his announcement.

Under Lahey, the university grew from 1,900 students and three schools to 10,000 students and nine schools. Lahey also expanded the university endowment from $20 million to $450 million, according to the Quinnipiac University website. The university also established the Quinnipiac University Poll under Lahey’s leadership, while also creating the York Hill and North Haven campuses.

“I hope you share with me this same sense of pride and delight in all that Quinnipiac has become thanks to our collective efforts,” Lahey said. “The next academic year will provide many opportunities for Judy (Lahey) and me to express our heartfelt appreciation for your enormous contributions to Quinnipiac’s success and our enduring gratitude for your support, friendship and collegiality over the past three decades.”

Many students, faculty, staff and alumni were supportive of Lahey’s announcement.

“He has done an amazing job with the school,” Laura Brown Mullin posted on the announcement shared to the Quinnipiac University Facebook page. “I graduated in ‘94 when it was still (Quinnipiac College) and small. I have not been back in a long time but know that it has transformed into an amazing university under your leadership.”

Senior and former Student Government Association (SGA) president Joey Mullaney was able to get to know Lahey through sitting with him on the Board of Trustees and said he wasn’t shocked to hear of his retirement.

“He is just a great guy,” Mullaney said. “Yes, it is sad to see him leave, but he did a great job here so I am excited to see where he goes from here and what QU is able to do once he leaves.”

Former Athletic Director Jack McDonald also commented on the Facebook post congratulating Lahey on his retirement.

“Cannot thank you enough for all you have done for the students, faculty, staff, parents and alumni. Hope your much deserved retirement is very happy and very, very healthy,” he said.

This announcement comes two weeks after The Chronicle published a Q&A with Lahey. The Chronicle asked if he had any plans to retire soon, but Lahey wouldn’t give a definitive answer.

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“I won’t be here in 10 years and probably won’t be here in five years, but I have a plan in mind to complete some of the things I have been working on for many years,” he said during the interview.

The university would not comment further on Lahey’s announcement.

With Lahey’s retirement, some students believe Vice President and Provost Mark Thompson deserves to be the next president of Quinnipiac.

Senior Taylor Chelo posted to her Facebook page that she believes Thompson is the best candidate.

“(Thompson) is the epitome of a selfless leader who works day in and day out to have student needs and voices like mine heard,” Chelo said in her Facebook post. “He strives for positive momentum, student representation and inclusion of all. Our university, our world, needs more individuals like him.”

Chelo said she got to know Thompson after he invited her to present her e-Portfolio to the Quinnipiac Board of Trustees.

“His kind words and warm heart, his encouragement to have my voice heard as a student, his constant support of my ambitions and his drive to make them a reality are what compelled me to advocate for him as our university’s next president on my Facebook page,” Chelo said.

Other students agree.

“I think Dr. Thompson is the best candidate for the job because not only does he have experience in the university administration, but he has had that experience here,” senior Amel Langston said. “He knows the student body, our ideals and what it means to us to be a Bobcat.”

Langston said Thompson cares about the student perspective and will be able to continue to help the university grow.

“During Lahey’s time as president, the university saw physical unprecedented growth, and I think that moving forward if Dr. Thompson were president we could see academic growth catch up with the physical growth in a beautiful way that would propel the university,” she said.

Mullaney said that no matter who becomes the next president of Quinnipiac, they are going to have big shoes to fill.

“Whoever they bring in, I know that person is going to do a great job,” Mullaney said. “ I hope when we are alumni in 10 years, we look back and QU is all over the map.”

The University would not comment on who will be the next president of the university or the plans to replace Lahey upon his retirement.

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