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Spring Has Sprung

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Spring is finally here. It’s time to pull out the shorts and sandals. The weather is getting warmer and the flowers have finally bloomed. But as @antijokeapple tweeted, “‘April showers’ is actually the tears you cry while desperately trying to raise your GPA.” So before you head to class, make sure to appreciate all the puppies, hammocks and smiles around campus. -Adrianna Lovegrove


QU is in full bloom:

Life has returned to campus. Flowers, trees, everything has bloomed. The Quad is green again. The creek is running. The fountain is flowing. The pink and white Bradford Pear trees have bloomed, dusting campus with delicate flower petals. Get out and enjoy.

If you’d like, take a hike:

The Bobcats have awoken the Sleeping the Giant. Now that the weather has warmed up significantly, students are back to regularly hiking the Giant. Grab your sneakers and some friends and get your hike on.

If you’re lucky, hug a puppy:

Dogs are once again walking around campus. Who doesn’t love puppies?  You can find a dog anywhere from the Quad to the baseball fields. With all the dogs scattered around campus, it’s hard not to get excited.

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Down with a flower crown:

From Coachella to Lollapalooza, music festivals are all the rage during spring. Whether you’re jamming out to your favorite artists or hoping to catch a selfie with your favorite celebrity, outdoor concerts are the place to be. So bust out the chokers and the flower crowns- it’s time to get basic!

Meet the squad on the quad:

The Quad is back in session. If the sun is out, then so are the Bobcats. The weather has become increasingly nice, forcing students to go outside and soak up the rays. They fill the Quad and spend the day tossing a frisbee, throwing a baseball, tanning, napping or catching up on some homework. Any reason to be outside is a good one.


If you’re fair, beware:

Sunburns. With all the extra exposure to the UV light from the sunshine, you’re more susceptible to sunburns. So grab your sunscreen and remember: you better lather because your skin matters.

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Sorry fam, gotta cram:

An outbreak of spring fever has hit campus. The semester is coming to an end and the Bobcats are fully aware. Quinnipiac students are faced with the difficult decision between having fun in the sun or finishing that final paper. But just look on the bright side, instead of crying about that 15-page paper inside, now you can do it outside!


Allergies. Runny nose. Burning eyes. Scratchy throat. The ultimate betrayal. The increase of pollen has gotten the better of some students, resulting in the flare of seasonal allergies. It’s hard to enjoy the warm weather with red noses and puffy eyes.

Rain, rain, go away:

Four days of sunshine equals four days of rain. With a week of high 60s and low 70s, we’re guaranteed a week of gloomy rain. So don’t pack up your rain coat just yet, there’s only few more weeks until summer. April showers bring May flowers, right?

What’s that smell?:

The trees smell like a gross combination of “fish and sperm,” freshman Liz Flynn said. Although the trees look beautiful, the aroma isn’t always as appealing. The fragrance leaves a bad taste in the mouths of the students.

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